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Solemn statement
1. We do not mistreat any animals but it is necessary to address the health and safety risks posed by rats including disease spread, structural damage and food contamination. And the way we eliminate rats is humane, The principle is that the rats are exhausted due to violent struggle and go into shock.
2. Rodent Hazards: Rodents can spread diseases, contaminate food, and damage property. The Sense Mouse Trap effectively eliminates these hazards by capturing rats and mice, preventing further infestation and damage to your home.

Selling Points:


The Last Resort for Rodents: If other pest control methods have failed, the Sense Mouse Trap is your ultimate solution. The large heavy-duty glue pads are pre-baited with a peanut butter scent that attracts rodents effectively, making it an excellent alternative to traditional wooden traps and electronic rat zappers.
Clean and Sanitary Pest Control: Rid your home of unwanted pests and maintain a clean and sanitary environment with the Sense Mouse Trap. Its sturdy polystyrene construction ensures durability even in humid and wet areas, providing long-lasting efficiency.
Satisfactory Capturing with No Escape: Say goodbye to false triggers, stolen bait, and escaping mice. The Sense Mouse Trap features a powerful formula that ensures rats are captured every time. Its improved humane design guarantees that once caught, rodents are eliminated effectively and humanely.
Professional Strength: With the strongest glue formula available and over 1000 sq inches of Rat-Stopping Coverage, the Sense Mouse Trap not only catches mice but also captures crawling spiders, bugs, and various other creepy crawlers. Free your home from unwanted visitors in seconds.
1. Made of durable and waterproof PU material, ensuring longevity and moisture resistance.
2. Strong adhesive: High-quality black glue makes it easier to catch large mice and rats.
3. Suitable for placement in narrow spaces, making it versatile for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices, and more.
4. Safe and non-toxic: Harmless to humans and pets.
5. Type: Mouse Trap
6. Material: PU
7. Size: 120cm*27.5cm 


Q1. Are the glue pads of the Sense Mouse Trap safe for use around children and pets?
A1. Yes, the glue pads are safe, non-toxic, and harmless to humans and pets.

Q2. How often should the traps be checked and replaced?
A2. Check the traps regularly, and replace them as needed. The frequency may vary depending on the level of infestation and environmental factors.

Q3. Can the Sense Mouse Trap be used for capturing insects and spiders?
A3. Absolutely! In addition to rodents, our traps are designed to catch crawling spiders, bugs, and various other pests.

Q4. Are the traps suitable for outdoor use?
A4. Yes, the Sense Mouse Trap is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing versatile pest control solutions.

Note: For more detailed instructions and safety guidelines, please refer to the user manual included with the product.

Remember, the Sense Mouse Trap is your ultimate ally in achieving effective and humane pest control. Say goodbye to unwanted visitors and enjoy a clean and sanitary home.


Nia Kelley
Verified Buyer

This trap needs to have 5 stars. it’s truly the best mouse trap I’ve ever seen. My landlord put these little traps in my apartment to find 1 mouse and they just go around them. This is my second time buying. I put the trap down yesterday & caught the mouse today. I cut the trap in half & put one under the front of the fridge. The other under the stove. The adhesive is so strong that it takes me a while to get them off my hands. I saw some reviews saying the mouse jumps off the trap…yea those people must be battling rats the size of cats because this has worked for me so well.

Niall O'Gallagher
Verified Buyer

We had a really big mouse that other traps wouldnt catch. It might even of been considered a rat..I'm no expert on rodents but it was huge. On the second night of having this trap out I woke up for work and had caught it. I had put cheese, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds in the middle of the trap. Trap is big enough where you can fold it over and whack the rat in the head a few times and then dispose without having to get close to the rat or have your pole stick to the trap when hitting it. The adhesive is really strong..my kid stepped on it a few times forgetting it was in the kitchen lol if it can catch a kid I guarantee it'll catch your rodents lol. It's clear so it's easy to forget about and step on. I have a smaller kitchen and it reaches from one side of my kitchen to the other. When the rat came out from the hole behind the oven he had to cross it to go anywhere. This is a plus and a con. A plus because you'll catch your problem rodents and a con because it's huge and the days prior to catching them you'll have a huge trap laying in the way. You definitely wanna lay it where you've found droppings and where it's obvious the rodent continually goes. Baiting the trap is a must and with multiple items you're bound to peak their interest. Would definitely recommend this

Lucian Erickson
Verified Buyer

After using multiple different kinds of mouse traps, these did the trick and took care of my moms mouse problems. Will definitely purchase again if needed in the future for her, but fingers crossed she won’t have anymore issues. It’s been 4 weeks now and not seeing any mouse issues for her.

Cameron Hayden
Verified Buyer

So I live behind a Bistro and I'm assuming that's where this mouse had been coming from. My cat knows how to catch it but I just throw the mouse outside, hoping it wouldn't come back. Well, it did. 5x!!!! So I decided to get this and try something. I didn't want a mouse trap for my curious kid or cat to hurt themselves on. I found my cat staring at the closet door where the sticky pad was set up at, and that's my cats way of letting me know something is in there. I check the next day and the mouse was caught! Kinda sad when I examined it, but it's the circle of life I guess lol. I would highly recommend this product! I've already put down the 2nd one, just in case there's more. And yes, it's a pain to pull apart since they fold the sticky side in half. But I wouldn't want the other side that touches my floor to be sticky with this stuff! So don't mind the ppl complaining about it being folded like that. This stuff is super sticky. This product really works. And it's easy to dispose of also. I plan on buying this again if I have anymore mouse issues.

Trinity Dickson
Verified Buyer

Not sure if you can see it well in the picture but it works!!! We LOVE this trap because it’s the only one they can’t see so they run right onto it and can’t get off! Only warning I might give is that if your foot or one of your kids or pets gets anything stuck on this trap, it’s really really hard to clean off. If you drop something on the trap you might as well forget about it but a good way to get the glue off is that we found using a dry rag or something dry works better than if you try to wash it off. It will mess up your tub or any other surface it touches, but I still give it 5 stars because mice are really nasty creatures and if you can find something that works to get rid of them and it causes a little bit of a hassle, I think it’s worth it. We have also caught crawling creatures too, like centipedes and spiders. There is also a video where one of the mice tricked the other one into landing on the trap lol

Amy Yates
Verified Buyer

So far, two of those little terrorist have been caught. You know that they travel in gangs, there is NO such thing as, "Honey, we have a mouse." Before these pads came into my life I happened to see one trying to run into my bedroom, I did not sleep at night for days and kept my light on all night only falling asleep around 7 a.m. ( I was a wreck). I ordered a pack of these super gluey strips and within a couple of days one was struggling for dear life to get off , the only place he went was in the trash can. I also have one of these going across the width of my bedroom door at all times, I can sleep at night! Two days ago I saw 2 mice, scared me out of my wits so I ordered more pads that came the next day ~thank you Amazon~ and one of the 2 was all glued up and struggling, he too met with the same fate as his cousin. The lines have been drawn in the sand, yes they terrify me but now they know that we are playing for keeps and that the gloves are OFF! Here is a little hack that I read from another review that really works, run your blow drier over the glued part of your pad every couple of days, it wakes up the sticky. Good Luck!

Muhammad Fleming
Verified Buyer

Rats got in our house during remodeling construction. We captured and released 2 with a humane trap. Then we realized there was more. We bought a camera to assist on locating them and it appeared there was one more. We tried the humane traps, a traditional spring trap, glue tray trap and a electric zapper trap. The rat became trap aware. After a few attempts in placing the Kat Sense we got it!!! We really didn’t want to use a glue trap because it sounded like torture. I thought it would very slowly starve to death but we got to it within 40 minutes of capture (or less) and it was almost dead, so I was happy it didn’t suffer too long.

Rayhan Lee
Verified Buyer

After weeks and weeks of trying wooden traps, glue traps, poison, repellant sprays and even an exterminator, I finally found a product that works and works fast catching mice. I've had the annoying issue of having mice scratching their way through the walls and ceiling, and then finding a way into my living space. One appeared to even have a litter. Apparently, the exterminator was able to get most of them, but there was still that one, scratching its way and keeping me from sleeping at night. I ordered the 'Kat Sense Sticky Rat Traps 'N Mouse Glue Traps' and they were delivered overnight. The same evening, I placed one of the traps in the area where I had seen the mouse and the next morning the mouse was caught on the trapped. Can't tell you how excited and relieved I was. I highly recommend this product.

Roosevelt Bray
Verified Buyer

I had a severe infestation of rat/mouses and nothing seemed to work for weeks —- I put this out the same day and caught 3!!! I was loosing sleep over hearing these 🐀 and yes, the concept is inhumane but I really couldn’t take them running around and eating my food. Highly recommended

Saskia Vincent
Verified Buyer

Wear gloves when pulling trap apart to lay on the floor. The adhesive is strong, you want to avoid getting it on your hands. I suggest you place it at night, right before everyone falls asleep so no one in your family accidentally walks on the trap. It is long, transparent and camouflages easily with your floor. We’ve been stuck in quarantine with this little mouse. We don’t know where or how it got in, but everyone in my family was terrified. It kept me from wanting to leave my bedroom at night. This product worked within hours of laying it on the floor. We all witnessed the mouse at one point in the kitchen. I placed one trap by the doorway between the dining room & kitchen at around 9pm. At almost 11:30, we heard a tiny cry of what almost sounded like a bird chirp. We checked the trap and the mouse was finally caught!!!!! We were all afraid to go near it. It was caught on one of the corners so we folded the other side on top of the mouse, threw it into a black garbage bag & immediately took it outside to the garbage can. I recommend this 100%!!!!!

Alysha Hoover
Verified Buyer

We purchased a home and saw a mouse in the kitchen on the first night there. We’ve been working with an exterminator for two months, which has been a slow process. Someone we know recommended this product so we tried it and caught a mouse on the first night, and caught another a couple of nights later. This product really works.

Emilia Landry
Verified Buyer

This works. I had a smart mouse that decided to take up residence in our home. Tried bait stations, regular glue traps; even tried to borrow a friends cat for a couple of days to no avail. Searched on Amazon and found this product and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, this trap was delivered Saturday morning. I set it up in our laundry area that night, baited it with microwave popcorn, and turned on the 8 o'clock HBO movie. Not 45 minutes in, I heard a squeak. Then I heard a series of desperate squeaks. When I finally got the nerve to look, I saw that little bastard was caught!!! I wrapped it up in the strip, and disposed of it in the outside dumpster. I will definitely use this again if we have more uninvited critters. Now I will say that this is not the most humane way to get rid of mice; but it works. You can cut the strip to whatever size you need. Be warned, it is very sticky. You should be careful when you set it. BOTTOM LINE: It works!

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