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🚿Enjoy Spa Moments In Your Own Shower!

What could be better than relaxing under a hot shower after a long day? But do you still lack the right showerhead with indulgent water flow settings? showerhead offers 7 different options to make your next shower an incredible experience and give you a unique feeling of well-being.

Don’t settle for an average shower experience!

– upgrade to our High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with8 Spray Modes now and enjoy a relaxing and spa-like shower experience right in your own home.

Unique Large Panel Design

Whether you prefer a powerful high-pressure jet or a gentle mist, you can easily adjust the settings with a single hand, allowing you to switch between modes effortlessly.

8 Spray Modes

This versatile showerhead is designed to provide you with a luxurious and customized shower experience with a choice of 8 different spray modes.

Enjoy a relaxing and spa-like shower experience right in your own home

The showerhead offering you the flexibility to shower comfortably in any position, even with a pet or child.

size:28cm * 13cm * 5cm


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.


Layton May
Verified Buyer

Bought this as a replacement for my WaterPik shower head after the hose flew off the handheld head in the middle of a shower. I hate to say it, but it leaked from the day it was installed (my ex installed it, so it might have been because he's an idiot). The descriptions are pretty accurate. It has 4 different modes, which are pretty standard. The pressure is better than my last shower head.

Hugo Myers
Verified Buyer

Easy to install. Works great. Just ensure to point it down when switching from front to top sprayer or you will soak the roof or the floor in your bathroom.

Chelsey Garner
Verified Buyer

Super easy to install took maybe 10 min to install and that included me taking my old one down. Very impressed with it compared to my older more expensive one this one is hands down the best. Super long hose with it I also like the second holder for it so can bring it down lower. The water pressure is fantastic. I like the jets on top to clean out the shower with makes it super easy to clean up . I think really the only thing I can fault it on is it is a little hard to get the lever to move on top to get the jet stream on.

Zoey Betts
Verified Buyer

This product is absolutely fabulous!! Especially as I at 68 am shrinking 😄it’s so nice to feel really clean and I just love the cleaning spray function!! Excellent product , great price too Thank you 😊

Franciszek Schroeder
Verified Buyer

Yes I like my new shower head. The hose is longer then regular ones . Very easy to install. I did put the extra holder to lower the shower head. I did take out the water saver plug but really had been able to tell the difference. Enjoy your shower 🚿🚿🚿

David Pennington
Verified Buyer

What a difference showering is now that we've replaced the old showerhead with AquaCare's showerhead! It is SO easy to install. I installed it. Trust me when I say if I could do it, ANYONE can! Its that simple. It has 4 different settings. The anti-clog nozzle is awesome and keeps germs and bacteria away while delivering good water pressure during the shower. The 6ft hose makes cleaning the shower a breeze. No more lugging all kinds of brushes and rags into the shower to clean it! The AquaCare makes cleaning easy.

Bruce Appleton
Verified Buyer

This product is worth it I originally bought it just to make cleaning the shower a little bit easier. It was easy to install and the adhesive works really well it has not came off. I did like it a lot so I purchased a second one and we use it at our marina. I’ve had the product for a couple months now and so far I don’t have one complaint. The water pressure seems to be good I do not see any hard water collecting at the shower head. This product is worth it just to be able to clean your shower without having fill a container up to splash on the wall.

Abby Howe
Verified Buyer

Bought this to replace a 20 year old 10" rain head that even after cleaning did not flow very well. I am 6'2" and used a riser to get the rain down from the top like I wanted. I also bought this because of the option it has to clean the shower. I was getting tired of filling up a cup and rinsing off the walls that way. The flow limiting devise can be removed for full flow or adjusted with a drill to your preference. It came with square O-rings which was very nice.

Catherine Williams
Verified Buyer

Shopped around on here for a replacement head that would have a long hose and offer good water pressure. Saw a lot of reviews on big-brand shower heads that either have of issues/problems with either pressure or hose length. This item had good mentions for both & at this price point, you're getting a great product.

Delores Lutz
Verified Buyer

This shower head was very easy to install and the second "hanger" is a great idea and comes in handy. I love the multiple water variations on the one side and the two "cleaning water speeds" on the reverse side of the shower head. There is a special substance built-in the shower head to help avoid mildew overgrowth that is especially nice. I would not hesitate to buy another one of these AquaCare Shower heads if I needed one or recommend it to anyone who is thinking about one. It's a GREAT purchase!

Willis Smyth
Verified Buyer

I suffered for a long time with what I thought was low water pressure in my shower. I swapped a similar shower head for this one and wow! It wasn't the water pressure, it was the head. This thing is fantastic! I actually now have TOO much water pressure and have to adjust it down whereas with my old one I always had it set to full blast. I had forgotten how refreshing a good shower can be. Also, bonus! Washing my dog in the shower now takes my half as long as it used to. Can't wait to use the jets on the back to clean and the extra long hose will make that much easier too.

Homer Green
Verified Buyer

This shower head is magical. I was skeptical due to the reviews so I’m thrilled that I took a chance. The shower settings are perfect. I like a a heavy stream so I can actually rinse the shampoo and conditioner from my hair. My husband enjoys to bask in a rain shower type flow or massaging setting.

Summer Morton
Verified Buyer

We were in the market for a new shower head with a hose attachment. After reading dozens of reviews on several different brands, this one caught my eye. Not only did it have the same sprayer settings as all the rest, it separated itself from an overcrowded field of brands that all offer the same thing, by adding a set of jets on the backside of the shower head. These additional jets offer a spray/fan pattern and also a high pressure jet stream. These are ideal for cleaning not only the shower, but our large dogs as well. Like I said, in a very crowded field of nearly identical brands at this price range, this ond set itself apart and has not disappointed.

Bradley Hart
Verified Buyer

For starters, I took out the flow restricter. The pressure is AMAZING but it’s closer to 5 gpm (gallons per minute) vs the federal law allowed 2.5 gpm. Be prepared for a bigger water bill. SO worth it!

Ruby-Mae Murphy
Verified Buyer

Once in a while a new product will come out that's just great all around. This is one of them. It's sturdy but light weight and the design is on point.

Curtis Allan
Verified Buyer

We moved to a new house and the master shower was low pressure, I tried another shower head but little improvement. I saw this advertisement on TV and bought it on Amazon. My husband was working so I thought to install it and surprise him! I tried it, definitely stronger water pressure easy to wash my long hair verses the previous shower head, saves time! My husband tried it and thanked me for purchasing this it’s not a gimmick it really works better than other and we like the variety of settings!

Malaika Dominguez
Verified Buyer

I love this showerhead. I literally waited until there was practically no water coming out of the spigot before I would replace my old one. Now I'm mad that I waited so long!! I love all the settings, especially the power wash settings making it easier to clean my shower area and tub. For a lady with long stiletto nails, who loves to DIY, it was an easy install. One thing, be very certain about where you want to place the holder. Once it's on, it's ON!

Murphy Yates
Verified Buyer

IEasy to install took ten minutes due to pilot error be sure to put a seal washer in the end of the hose that the shower head screws I did not do that got a little wet selling points for me the power wash feature to clean your tub second the bracket you can put down low for easy reach if you use a chair in the shower great for senior citizens I'll post more after my first shower I have had several showers with this feels so good on my sore muscles light weight and easy peasy to install love it now mine feels like it's metal but works great does what it says it will do love the self adhesive shower holder included

Hashir Garrett
Verified Buyer

We'd been using a water saving shower head for like 2 years and feeling wholly unsatisfied with the trickle of water it emitted. This shower has changed everything! I love all the settings and that it has an off so I can shave and still save water. The bonus mount that cab be placed lower on the shower wall is a life saver for kids and for washing dogs. I'm now having the best showers of my entire life. The water bill will probably double but it's totally worth it!

Timothy Reed
Verified Buyer

Yes, this shower head is easy to install and modestly priced, but what I really enjoy the most is that the water pressure coming out of it is better than the one I previously used. I also notice that after I turn off the water, not much residual water is retained in the shower-head nor in the hose/extension which tells me that fungus/mold is less likely to form inside the shower head and line. I always make sure to let the shower head drop down so it empties of water and then give it a few shakes. My previous device always had more water drip out after water was turned off.

Dale Mcguire
Verified Buyer

We recently sold our home and moved into an apartment in one of those retirement communities. The water pressure in our fourth-floor apartment left a lot to be desired, especially when it came to showering. I bought a shower head at the hardware store which claimed to increase the pressure of the spray but didn't notice an improvement. Several days later I saw an ad for the AquaCare shower head and ordered it. It's great! Suddenly we have a nice strong stream while showering. After taking one shower I ordered another AquaCare shower head for our second bathroom. I highly recommend this product.

Mia-Rose Joyner
Verified Buyer

The pressure i had before was horrible and getting worse and this new showerhead is amazing! I absolutely love it its so strong and the different settings make all the difference. Also, its like having a bidet in the shower so its a plus!

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