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  • High-Quality Greenhouse Irrigation System: This drip irrigation system made of PP+POM material. No odor or poison and no effect on plant growth. The drip irrigation hose made of UV-resistant materials, unmatched resistance to chemicals, and it can be buried or put on the surface of the ground in any weather.

  • Saves Time and Water: Precise sprayer watering system waters your plants exactly how you want. It can save up to 70% in water savings and water all your plants at one time. No more wasting your time and water.

  • Cooling Irrigation System:  it will decrease your patio temperature up to 5°C, cooling and humidifier functions brings you a cool summer and a more healthy life.
  • Watering Customization: Every nozzle can be adjusted individually and the nozzle has three spraying modes, allowing setting each plant to receive its customized watering according to its precise needs, no longer worried about leaving home.

  • Wide Applications: Ideal for flowers, plants, bonsai and potted fruit, and patio drip irrigation. A perfect garden watering kit for family homes, hotels, clubs, offices patios, greenhouses, gardens, lawns, and other plants of intelligent care.

How To Use

1. Cut the water pipe according to the length you need.
2. Attach the tee with the atomizing nozzle.
3. Attach an end closure when you finish all atomizing nozzles’ installation.
4. Attach the pipe to the quick tubing connector with the tee.
5. Attach the quick tubing connector with the universal connector.
6. Attach the system to the Faucet and place the installed spray near your plants.

Pruduct Including

Tubing Quick Commector ×1PC

Threaded Faucet Commector ×1PC

Single ×2PCS/End Cap ×1PC/Teflon Tape ×1PC

4/7 mm Tubing ×1PC(5/10/15/20/30)

3-Way Tee Commector ×5/10/20/25/30PCS

 Nozzles ×5/10/20/25/30PCS

Support Stake ×5/10/20/25/30PCS



Aariz Melendez
Verified Buyer

it was not difficult even for a woman. We have water poured with a self-winding from the barrel, only the sprayer itself needs to be adjusted. In general, I recommend as a woman. I'll still buy the sprayers myself, or else I'm left.?

Robson Oneill
Verified Buyer

Very simple and easy to use. Sure beats carrying the water bucket across the yard. Used a garden hose to get the water even further from the water source with less pressure drop.

Storm Neville
Verified Buyer

Use on our small garden of pepper and tomato plants. Easy to install. Do your research. I put cheap cameo pressure regulator on hose , then timer, hose splitter then this drip system.?

Rylee Mcintosh
Verified Buyer

Built a system to keep my garden alive while I was traveling for a month. Worked like a charm hooked up to my timer valve. All my veggie survived the Texas heat this summer thanks to this watering system.

Desiree Dodd
Verified Buyer

This was my first attempt at drip irrigation and micro Jets and thank God I found this kit. Every thing I did not know I would need was already there for me. Within a half hour I had my small garden set up and was watering it with ease. Now I am getting ready to run the big garden with them.

Kornelia Flores
Verified Buyer

I wish I have seen this item sooner. I order two systems from two different vendors and saw this one when I shopped for the 3rd system. Really love the Y connector that allows me to build two separate lines instead of one, so I don t have much losing pressure at the end of the line.

Zain Curran
Verified Buyer

I liked the assortment of fittings and the length of the feed tube. The fittings were good quality and the spray heads provided a nice assortment of watering options. I used them all. The application was irrigation of new plants - 5 Rhododendrons and 4 Spirea in flower beds.

Teresa Gregory
Verified Buyer

I was impressed with this kit when I received it. Plenty of parts and fittings to get the job done. Has the correct hose adapter that will connect to an outside hose bib faucet or garden hose.

Sylvia Hough
Verified Buyer

The tubes seal water tight on the splitters and nozzles. The nozzles themselves are easy to adjust for the desired amount of output. It all works flawlessly.

Ameer Easton
Verified Buyer

For the price, it s a good system. I installed it for a greenhouse irrigation system. The instructions were that clear as far as how many heads you can add so I just installed the way I needed and it s working ok.

Denise Hackett
Verified Buyer

This kit is a great value. I needed some more parts for another part of my garden and it was cheaper to buy this kit rather than piece each thing out individually. And I m only using about half of the parts included!

Jadon Nairn
Verified Buyer

This was my first attempt at drip irrigation and micro Jets and thank God I found this kit. Every thing I didn t know I would need was already there for me. Within a half hour I had my small garden set up and was watering it with ease. I highly recommend this kit for anyone wanting to simplify watering the garden, especially those first timers out there like me. Now I am getting ready to run the big garden with them.

Juniper Santiago
Verified Buyer

The assortment of spray heads is very good. The tubing is flexible and easy to install. I was able to install coverage for 15 deck pots in above 2 hours, even pulling the tubing under the deck.

Piotr Ahmed
Verified Buyer

Great value. Installed yesterday for 10 plants. As long as the connections stand up to water pressure I ll be happy with a direct supply of water against Texas heat. Plenty of hose for a 17 front flower bed.

Asif Solis
Verified Buyer

I've used drip systems in the past but most didn't distribute the water evenly, leaving low water pressure at the end of the line. I used the misting heads and there is equal pressure all along the line. It was so simple to assemble. I did use landscape pins to hold down the heads as the plastic stakes that were included didn't really work.

Jaya Knowles
Verified Buyer

I buy that for my wife s garden, I install with her, but this is very easy to install, she really like it , we just try turn on one time only because this few days ago was raining, so she can t wait until the sunny day, she is so happy

Farhana Hayes
Verified Buyer

I have a pretty large garden at home and I was looking to install some sort of irrigation system to help with maintaining it while I am away without having to bother my neighbors. I saw this and figured I would try it out and see if it works. I found that the connectors are pretty easy to use and install. The directions advise that you heat the hose before attaching to the connectors to ensure a good seal, and that seemed to be a good idea.

Shakeel Adamson
Verified Buyer

Very satisfying this purchasing. Very suitable for garden planting. The sprinklers can be adjusted to customize the watering rate and pattern of each plant watering. Drip irrigation systems are especially useful when you re in traveling without fear garden s flowers and plants will die. And I m falling so funny when watching my neighbor work so hard to water his garden, it s a bit of a waste of time and effort right? Good things should be shared, I would recommend this good product for my neighbors.

Amelia-Lily Tucker
Verified Buyer

Been using this for about a month in full sun without issues. Drip Irrigation system was easy to set up. I highly recommend using a lighter to tighten the tubes. It s much quicker than boiling water. I use this to water 12 rose bushes and they are sufficient. None of my rose bushes seem to be lacking water.

Kianna Morrow
Verified Buyer

Consistent with the description s micro drip irrigation kit, that s what I want. Very good quality, simple installation and very easy to use. I can customize the watering of my garden plants. And the water spray is very uniform, which is convenient and saves lots of water and time. A good quality product for a reasonable price, worth buying!

Keziah Rennie
Verified Buyer

I set up an automatic water timer and this system to avoid having to go out early in the morning to water our plants. The system itself has everything my girlfriend and I needed for our small garden. I was able to run nozzles to over 10 plants but it also depends on how far away they are from your water faucet. The tubing they provide might not be long enough if you are a far distance from the water source or your plants are spread apart. All the pieces seem good quality. I ve had this installed and running for 5 days now with no issue. It s worth trying if you are looking for an inexpensive solution

Verified Buyer

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